aayu Berlin is established in September 2015; team and project are under construction.

aayu architects, established in 2008, is led by architect-Baubiologe Daniel Höwekamp, from 2009-2013 with partner Luigi Pucciano, building historian-architect.

During his studies of architecture and building biology and his work in Dutch residential and commercial building industry, DANIEL HÖWEKAMP (>cv) has seen the importance of ecological and healthy living and working places grow. He formulated URBAN BIO LOGIC as a guideline for aayu.

With many years of experience in redevelopment and renovation of historical buildings in Italy, Austria and the Netherlands, for LUIGI PUCCIANO (>cv) traditional techniques and building materials but also the existing aesthetic quality form the basis of a dialogue between old and new.


We work with well-known engineering firms such as ZRS (Berlin), DGMR and IMd (Netherlands), and specialised companies as Alltherm (sustainable installations), Building Traditions (clay works), Van der Tol (build green) and (biologic materials).

Our clients include municipalities, housing corporations, developers, school boards, small businesses and individuals.